We recognise that recruitment is a cornerstone for organisational growth, and that the bedrock for sound, successful recruitment is built around the identification of both ability and potential.

To fulfil this we focus our energies at the beginning of a new relationship in developing a consummate understanding of our client's current business model and their strategic goals and objectives.

Our success, over the years, has been built through our skill in interpreting a brief, combined with our commitment and creative insight, dedication to our client's needs and dedication to presenting innovative solutions.

In our experience too much emphasis is frequently placed on what an individual has done rather than what they can do. Whilst we understand that this is an important aspect in selecting candidates, relying on such a linear measure is fraught with risk.

In addition to assessing relevant competencies for a role, we also employ a number of methodologies that are focussed on measuring the aptitude and behavioural style of an individual to assess whether they possess the acumen and cultural fit to be a success within our client's organisation.

As we employ our extensive experience in developing the most suitable methodology for each assignment. This is demonstrated by our long track record of successful appointments.

From Hanover Square to Hong Kong, from Birmingham to Bucharest, Moscow to Madrid and beyond.....

We are an International Search firm able to execute assignments across diverse geographies.